What clients are saying:

"When it comes to navigating the treacherous realm where self-work and the spiritual meet, working with Ann Tepperman is equivalent to having one's own personal guide while traveling the Amazon River. Her gentle, firm presence creates a safe container for true change to happen. A place where internal self-work and the spiritual connect." -J.K.


“Ann Tepperman is an amazing counselor and healer. She has helped so many people find peace and happiness.” L.J.


“Thank you for changing my life, Ann Tepperman. Thank you for everything you have done. Your healing presence and devotion to that healing is unmatched.” C.H.


“Thank you for your guidance and support during our coaching/healing sessions. I have been able to connect within and identify patterns, and ideas I no longer want to live with and that have been blocking me from my true potential. I am so excited to live with a new freedom, my freedom, my authentic self. “ J.A.