Nutritional Healing

While working with me you can receive a nutritional evaluation to see if deficiencies could be causing depression, anxiety, and other chronic conditions and illnesses. 

Overcome anxiety, depression and chronic illness and create optimal health!


What is The Biogenetic Diet?

Bio- Gut Microbiom, Biology, Biography

Genetic- Epingenetic, reversing gene mutations

The Biogenetic diet is specifically designed to change your gut microbiom, rebuild the immune system and nervous system and shut off gene mutations. By doing so you will experience a reversal in chronic illness, autoimmunity and mental illness. It's one of the most powerful medical diets there is because it addresses the main causes of illness and it rebuilds a human being at a cellular level. 

The Biogenetic Diet uses the benefits of the high fat, low carb healing diets that soothe and heal the brain and nervous system combined with healing diets that reverse bad bacteria overgrowths and leaky gut.

Not only does this diet help with the underlaying deficiencies that cause depression, anxiety and mental illness, it has also been shown to reverse autoimmune disorders, is effective for weight loss and heals hormone imbalances such as PMS and postpartum depression.