Neural Retraining

While working with me I will often discuss with you the ways to rewire your brain for optimal health and success. 


It's hard to imagine that you can retrain your mind to react differently to life but it is true! 

The way you currently think and feel has been reinforced over your entire life through repetition of thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Changing the way you think and feel is also done through repetition of NEW thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Here is more of the science around neural retraining:

The Limbic System

To understand neural retraining we have to understand the Limbic System. The Limbic System is a complex set of structures in the brain that includes the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, the amygdala, and cingulate cortex.

The Limbic System interprets sensory data and stores our emotional response to this data, it informs us if we are either safe or in danger and causes our bodies to respond either with a normal response or a Fight or Flight response.  

It regulates the functioning of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, which is either an excited or relaxed nervous system state and this means it can control our pulse, blood pressure, breathing, and arousal (excitement, fight or flight) in response to its interpretation of emotional circumstances. In other words, our Limbic System is doing the thinking and responding for us!

Without us even knowing it the Limbic System is constantly monitoring both our inner and outer environment looking for signs of danger.

Normally the limbic system only responds when we are potentially in grave danger but for people who have experienced prolonged states of depression and anxiety, there is often a “misfiring” of their Limbic System, keeping them in chronic states of fight or flight. Chronic states of fight or flight wire the brain to be constantly in a state of hyperarousal building upon itself year after year, actually shaping the brain for depression and anxiety disorders.

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s amazing ability to reorganize itself, to change and create new neural pathways.

The good news is that because of Neuroplasticity and your ability to retrain your Limic System you can CHANGE YOUR BRAIN!

Neurons are able to adjust and reorganize how they operate in order to respond to injuries, diseases and new experiences. You can literally rewire how you respond to your life.

The more we change our responses to our life, the more we change our brain and the more we change our brain, the more our emotional responses to our life change. Changing the brain is about creating new habits of thinking and responding, changing from the habit of being depressed and anxious to the habit of being happy and calm.

I customize brain retraining exercises for my clients that bring about change, create new neural pathways and when combined with holistic counseling, bring about states of happiness, peacefulness and joy! It’s important that neural retraining exercises be done everyday and as many times as possible in order to create new habits of the mind and to recover your happiness and health as quickly as possible.