My Healing With A Zero Carb Diet

I’ve been 100% carnivore and zero carb for 3 months and all of my mental health symptoms have stopped. No more depression, no anxiety, no anger, no reactivity, none.

 Waiting to see Deepak Chopra

Waiting to see Deepak Chopra

The anxiety was so severe in my early twenties that I would hide in my closet in total darkness or shaking horribly I’d cry myself to sleep every night. I had on and off again derealization, profound depression and severe pms. I went paleo mid twenties and saw a huge improvement but I still experienced bouts of unyielding anxiety and pms.

My health tanked after my pregnancies and once again the severe anxiety and derealization took over. I started a medical diet in December of 2016 and then transitioned to the gaps diet in April 2017 and again I experienced relief. I’ve stayed on this medical diet since and kept eliminating food.

I was down to meat and a few vegetables and kept trying to add in a few more. Every time I tried to add in a vegetable I would have psychotic symptoms. It would feel as if there was a clamp on the back of my head, squeezing my brain stem and my visual perception of reality would warp and my body would tremble as if I was freezing and just from one bite of squash.

So for months I ate only meat and a few vegetables but I never really digested them and decided to pull them all out, that was in March of this year. Once all the carbs were gone my anxiety vanished and my joy flourished.

I am actually so happy all the time that I sometimes play it down so people don’t think I’m too strange! I just smile so much! I still have my autoimmune symptoms that I am working through but my mind is finally at peace.

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