Mental Health Recovery and Illness Remission is Possible!

In the fall of 2016 my immune system and nervous system crashed. I was debilitated by horrific impending doom, hallucinations, bone crushing fatigue, and severe digestive distress.


My illness had taken over completely and I wasn't sure if I was going to survive. My dear friend and world renowned nutritionist Mary Ruddick put me on a medical diet immediately. Overtime it became clear that the illness went much deeper than we had anticipated and I had multiple gene mutations expressing themselves backing up my detox pathways and filling my body with toxins, parasites, a high viral load and severe gut dysbiosis. On April 6, 2017, one year ago today, I transitioned to the Gaps Diet and began the long and arduous journey of intense detoxification and healing.

For most of this year my diet has consisted of a few items: meat, broth, organ meat and butter and recently I have added fish, yogurt and raw cheese. I no longer eat any fruits, grains, nuts or vegetables and if I did I wouldn’t digest them anyway. In this time I have lost 15 lbs of inflammation, more parasites than I care to share, have killed off massive colonies of bad bacteria and have turned off several gene mutations.

Early into the diet after months of meditation and neural retraining the psychological symptoms disappeared but the debilitating fatigue, weakness and various other physical symptoms too personal to list persisted until around November of 2017. It was around then, over 6 months on gaps intro that i started feeling better and more hopeful. January of this year I was well enough to start on a long term herbal antiviral treatment and the healing continues to be a roller coaster of peaks and valleys but always moving forward and I am heading towards full remission.

Today marks 1 year on the gaps diet, a medical diet that has literally saved my life. Most days I wake up around 5am to detox, exercise, practice Yoga and spend around 30-45 mins in meditation before getting the kids up and to school. Next, I go to my office where I have the privilege to be a guide and healer for people looking to heal trauma and spiritually evolve. When not working we spend our days hiking, beach combing, gardening and just being together. I am so grateful to be out of my bed and back in my world, healthy, happy, present and whole and to be a light for those who are debilitated and suffering from autoimmunity and mental illness.

Recovery and full remission are possible.

Ann TeppermanComment