From Illness To Health


I have understanding and compassion for people who keep themselves sick. The energy, clarity and change that health brings can be intimidating. 

I know why they fight with themselves over giving up grains or sugar instead of releasing themselves from the horrific burden of disease and evolving into their highest and most authentic potential. 

It’s because regardless of how toxic their current state, it’s familiar and familiarity is more comforting than change, even with a guarantee of joy on the other side, people don’t want to let go. 

But here is what I know, one small and brave step forward is enough to create the momentum that will result in a cascade of courage and it will ultimately carry you across the bridge. And once on the other side, you are wide awake and can’t imagine why you were so steadfast on staying asleep. 

And now, for the first time, you see, taste and feel what life truly is, what was right in front of you all along.

Ann TeppermanComment