Healing Practitioner Spotlight: Kevin Jones, PT

Healing Practitioner Spotlight:

Kevin Jones, PT Active Physical Therapy Clinic

I have been practicing physical therapy for nearly 9 years with a particular focus on chronic pain and disability. My interests lie in the effects of psychosocial variables as it relates to chronic pain and in particular, fear-avoidance and kinesiophobia (fear of movement). I have treated patients from age 13 to 90 who suffer from chronic pain, and each person presents and responds to treatment differently. The success I have with patients can be attributed to communication with all providers involved in the care continuum: physician, family members, and case managers. 
I own a small private practice on the Westside of Columbus, and I occasionally treat patients at their home and place of employment. My strategy is to intervene using an approach of movement education and graded exercises.

This became a passion of mine after years of getting patients to a certain functional point, but not being able to make a complete impact on their lives. Most patients who suffer from chronic pain and disability have been told by the medical field that there is nothing more for them; I wanted to be a solution to this problem. I wasn’t content with patients being labeled as “malingerers” or “pill seekers”. 

There are features of my practice that I attempt to do myself daily. Part of treating chronic pain is being present and mindful, and I practice that during daily interactions with patients. Fortunately, I have never and do not currently suffer from chronic pain, but I find that empathy is crucial to helping people get through debilitating symptoms. I have gained a great insight in working with this patient population, both from a knowledge-base and from a personal standpoint. I would suggest people suffering from any chronic condition to continuously seek answers, and demand a certain level of care from those who treat you.

You can find Kevin and his clinic here.

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