Healing Practitioner Spotlight: Judith Duhl, Master Certified Coach

Judith Duhl Master Certified Coach and Founder of Crossing The Thresholds of Your Life

What is your healing practice?

My work is an invitation to step into relationship with a  part of your self that has been calling to you at the edge of all you have known.   Crossing the threshold in your life is the journey to release who you once were and to embrace a new way.   It is here at the threshold that magic happens;  listening to the places that have been calling to you.  It is here where the seeds of your transformation and evolution await.

How did the practice come about?

I had come to the place in my own life - a long journey -of years of shedding and releasing  what was not me, or not for me to give.

Do you regularly practice your healing modality? If so, how have you been transformed?

I have been coaching for over 15 years, and have been coached myself for that long.  I have many healing modalities- a tool kit overflowing- practices of a lifetime of study and living.  At essence,  they are all about forging a relationship with our inner Self,  to hear our inner voice.  My transformation has been one of  listening and speaking from this ground of being.  

Transformation is for me a path of listening, placing the planks of my understanding across the bridge of my life, and crossing that path until I was living connected to my inner Self and following the calling of this connection.

What can you suggest for people looking for health and healing?

Listen deeply.

You can find Judith here: http://judithduhl.com

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