The Postpartum Healing Journey- Free Online Course

After both the difficult hospital birth of my son and the beautiful yet sorrowful homebirth of my daughter 3 weeks after the death of my mother I felt defeated.  I struggled to feel joy and anxiety kept me awake at night frightened and worried.

I remember thinking, "is this really what it feels like to become a mother? Stressed, anxious and sleep deprived?" I was really struggling.  At that time I didn't realize that the key to my contentment was to take time out for myself and process my experiences of birth and the change to motherhood. To help myself I began daily journaling, meditation and sought out a therapist to help me transform my stress to peacefulness. Once I felt better I realized that all along I had the power to heal myself and I didn't need to spend hundreds of hours on therapy. Simple journaling, meditation and somatic healing exercises could quickly return me to a state of peace and contentment. 

I combined the healing modalities of journaling, guided meditation and somatic release and packaged them into one simple downloadable PDF.  Mothers looking for peace and contentment after a difficult birthing experience can have access to free healing from the privacy of their home.

Postpartum Healing Journey Course

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