Walking Through

There was a time, about a decade or so ago that I used to look longingly to the birds and in envy wish that I had huge glorious soft wings.  With these wings I would fly away from my life, from the pain, from the memories.

This morning during my meditative walk I noticed the birds soaring through the blue sky , I recalled this time in my life of great suffering and tears flooded my eyes.  It wasn’t sorrow that I felt, it was a deep and profound sense of compassion for the person that I was and for the experiences that I had to endure.  And I also felt grateful that my wish did not come true, that I did not sprout wings and fly away because what I know is that there is no reprieve in escape.  It is not with wings that we overcome but it is with our legs and our feet, moving us forward, one step at a time with blind faith and courage that we will be healed.

Now, a decade later, I am overcome with reverence for that scared, hurting young girl who with the support and love of a few strong women walked through the fire and like the phoenix she rose from the ashes of her devastation and become the powerful women she is today.  

I am that powerful women and now I see that I always was.



Ann TeppermanComment