Is your relationship bringing you joy - or is it a source of pain and conflict? Is it the relationship you've always dreamed of - or can it use some major improvement? Whether you need some help with communication, or dealing with a what seems like a hopeless marriage, couples therapy can make a big difference in your relationship and overall satisfaction. 

Relationships require work. Some relationships require more work than others, and that's okay. However, no one deserves to be in a relationship that is not fulfilling and devoid of any joy. It might feel like you are constantly fighting against each other instead of enjoying each other's company, or maybe you feel like the connection is missing altogether. This doesn't have to be case and it doesn't mean that the relationship has to be over. 

I provide couples counseling to help relationships and marriages work! Many people think that if the spark is gone, they are fighting too much, or even if there has been a breach of trust, that the relationship does not have any hope. With couples therapy, I assist couples in communicating efficiently, connecting with one another, and fighting for their marriage instead of one another. It's often difficult to look past the pain you're currently in or to put down your defenses if you've already been hurt. I provide a safe environment where connection, healing and communication can happen.