"When it comes to navigating the treacherous realm where self-work and the spiritual meet, working with Ann Tepperman is equivalent to having one's own personal guide while traveling the Amazon River. Her gentle, firm presence creates a safe container for true change to happen.  A place where internal self-work and the spiritual connect." -J.K.


Holistic And Transpersonal Counseling 

The work I do is deep and life changing. I help bring to light any misinterpretations and misunderstandings in self perceptions to help people heal. I work to enhance a client’s wellbeing, bring peace and contentment to their lives by manifesting their desires for an amazing life.  The work is done through somatic releases, integration of mind, body, authentic self and through significant awakenings. 

When my clients speak of having a longing for a meaningful life, our work shifts to exploring the superconscious. The superconscious can be experienced through deep, intense, inner focus and I help to facilitate this focus through energetic intention, guidance and tracking; I hold the lantern in your darkness and walk with you along your heroic journey.

Many years of training in Yoga, holistic psychotherapy, spiritual direction, mentorship as well as my own healing enables me to be this guide.  Most importantly I practice this work daily by taking the time for meditation, contemplation, Yoga and continuous study, reading and research.



About Ann


With a master’s degree in clinical social work, several year long energetic and therapeutic body work trainings and her extensive study and practice of Yoga, meditation and integrative medicine, Ann brings a strong, solid foundation to her holistic psychotherapy work.  Believing that people truly can heal and recover, Ann treats each person, regardless of their background, trauma and story as if infinite possibilities for healing are available to them.  In addition to her private holistic psychotherapy practice Ann is the co-founder of Alive Holistic Counseling, The Integral Healing Institute and she is a Spiritual Director, meditation teacher and guide leading people into deeper states of healing and consciousness evolution.


1) How can I set up an appointment?

Although my practice is full I have a wait list for those clients who are seeking deep and transformative work. I do not do traditional psychotherapy and talk therapy. Perspective clients should call 541.357.3248 or email to inquire about availability.  

2) How much do you cost?

My fee is $150 per session.

3) Do you take insurance or have a sliding scale?


4) What kind of work do you do, who do you see?

My focus is on transpersonal, holistic counseling with a focus on deep awareness, transformation and evolution. I do not do traditional psychotherapy.

5) Where are you located?

777 High St, Eugene OR 97405