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I am a Teacher, Holistic Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader And An Author Of Books And Online Programs On Emotional, Nutritional, And Spiritual Wellbeing.

 For decades people have been coming to me to utilize my intuitive skills to help them along their journey to wellness. I guide people through the healing of trauma, psyche dysregulation and ancestral patterns and I teach people how to uncover their authentic self and awaken to their true nature.

I believe that anyone can access their intuitive and healing abilities when they live in congruence with their values, detox the mind and body and practice the ancient wisdom of consciousness evolution. It is my honor to show you how.  Read More


Workshops and Retreats

Held throughout the West Coast, Ann co-leads retreats with Nutritional Counselor Mary Ruddick and Life Coach Madeline Thomas. 

These full immersion retreats focus on movement and meditative practices, educational seminars, spiritual evolution and healing diets for overcoming anxiety, depression and autoimmune disorders.



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Holistic Counseling


The work I do is deep and life changing.

I help bring to light any misinterpretations and misunderstandings in self perceptions to help people heal. I work to enhance a client’s wellbeing, bring peace and contentment to their lives by manifesting their desires for an amazing life.  The work is done through somatic releases, integration of mind, body, authentic self and through significant awakenings. 

When my clients speak of having a longing for a meaningful life, our work shifts to exploring the superconscious. The superconscious can be experienced through deep, intense, inner focus and I help to facilitate this focus through energetic intention, guidance and tracking;

I hold the lantern in your darkness and walk with you along your heroic journey.

Many years of training in Yoga, holistic psychotherapy, spiritual direction, mentorship as well as my own healing enables me to be this guide.  Most importantly I practice this work daily by taking the time for meditation, contemplation, Yoga and continuous study, reading and research.

My Training 

2006: Masters of Clinical Social Work, CSUEB, Hayward

2006-2009: Lead Therapist for an integrative and holistic medical detox and pain clinic, Implemented a Yoga Therapy and Meditation Program for large inpatient substance abuse facility

2010-2011: Yoga Teacher Training/Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training 

2011-2014: Mentored with an internationally recognized Cranial Sacral Therapist and Lactation consultant, focusing on CST and mindfulness practices that target and release trauma 

2012-2015: Private practice  (Columbus Ohio) Clinical Director of Legacy Freedom Ohio a holistic, integrative Substance Abuse outpatient facility in Columbus Ohio

2015-2016: Moved to Oregon and began working as a medical social worker for Hospice and started a private holistic therapy practice at Alive Integrative Medicine

2016:  Co-founded Alive Holistic Counseling

2017: Archetypal Consult Training

2018: Co-founded Back To Joy Program


Published Work:

When Her Life Passed Through, personal essay for Brain Child Magazine

Contributing Writer for the nationally recognized mothering blog Modern Alternative Mama

The Latest From the Holistic Healing Blog


What clients are saying:

"I've been to numerous 'talk therapy' sessions in my life with little to no progress, and in fact probably some regression as a result. I went to Ann and was not expecting anything drastically different than what I had experienced before. I'm not really able to put into words what happened, but I somehow found myself accessing things that I didn't know were there. I found myself talking, but didn't know where the words were coming from. And she was listening and guiding the way. She created a space that allowed me to explore and it amazed me how quickly things moved in an hour. I can't wait to see her again!"  -L J.


“Ann Tepperman is an amazing counselor and healer. She has helped so many people find peace and happiness.” A.S.


“Thank you for changing my life, Ann Tepperman. Thank you for everything you have done. Your healing presence and devotion to that healing is unmatched.” C.H.


“Thank you for your guidance and support during our coaching/healing sessions. I have been able to connect within and identify patterns, and ideas I no longer want to live with and that have been blocking me from my true potential. I am so excited to live with a new freedom, my freedom, my authentic self. “ J.A


"Thanks for your thoughtfulness, Ann Tepperman. Your approach to healing has always been experiential and results based. I can speak to your integrity, and willingness to do what works, having the best of intentions for clients and man/womankind. Thanks for not sitting in stagnation and holding onto dogmatic approaches." J.K.


"Ann, you are a true healer! When I was in your care you introduced me to a way of life that has changed me and my family. I no longer need prescription psychiatric medication, I no longer need to take otc pain relievers. I no longer feel the “weight” of my body being reliant on those things. I had major postpartum depression after the premature birth of my twins. My diet was awful. I was basically starving my self all day and carb loading at night. I knew better, too! Kinda like having “a head full of AA and belly full of booze” I knew i wasn’t doing myself (or my family) any justice. I began my recovery journey again. It helped me to go to the next chapter and not be so “stuck” I am no longer a victim because I am now able to do things that I couldn’t do and feel a freedom that I blamed others for not having. Today, I have a choice. I’m not stuck and i don’t feel pain, depression or anxiety. " K.H.